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Happy New Year


I have been thinking about the upcoming year. I never do resolutions (it is to like a list and I am allergic to lists). But this is going to be a year of big changes for my family (which means big changes for me). By the end of this up-coming year Aubern'e will probably be driving and have a job. Chloe will have said goodbye to little girlhood. Because of homeschooling, we are together all the time. We work almost like one unit. We can read each others thoughts, we meet each others needs without even asking, we automatically pick up were one of us drops off. Now not that any of that is going to change. But with my girls changing, it will change our whole world. I am excited but honestly I am scared. This is whole new world for me. For me as a mother, me as a HSer, me as a wife and me as me. I am soo grateful for this blog. I am hoping it will be a place of comfort for me in the shifting sand of my up & coming life. So I am wishing to be open, honest, trusting and positive about 2007.

I also aspire to create a fun, inspiring, supportive blog for all of you amazing ladies.

So pop the champagne bottle (or sparking cider), find a beautiful glass, the best chocolate in your house and toast this exciting new year with me !!!!


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Leigh Ann

Cheers for a happy, healthy year. LA



I completely understand how you are feeling.

You will flow with the change like a warm summer breeze, I know it!

My glass is tipped, and one, two, three cheers to you, and the exciting NEW YEAR!


Happy New Year Clarice and family!
~*~ God's blessings to you in 2007!~*~
Joanne and family


Hoping you New Year full of changes is more wonderful than you ever imagined...thanks for the gift of your blog, Clarice. It's been a blessing getting to know you.

Terri Pollhein

Happy New Year! God's blessing in 2007!

I don't like change either, but it is inevitable, I suppose. Here's to making the best of all the new adventures coming our way this year!
God bless.


I know how you are feeling Clarice! my eldest daughter will be off to university next year, already I am worrying!but we just have to hope we have installed the best values in them..and let them go! I hope 2007 is an exciting new chapter for you!

Susan P.

Dearest Clarice, we will be right there with you! Change is always scary but it can also bring with it excitement, a newness to life, and much joy. Wishing you and yours the happiest of new years!

Mrs. Staggs

I know how it feels to face those scary changes Clarice. My son is 19 and in college. I'm finding that even though I will always miss the little boy that he was, that the wonderful man that he is has brought an equal measure of joy into my life. I think your mom has put it well. Change brings opportunity for growth. I'm trying to use some of my new found time to explore new things. Like blogging! It's brought a lot of lovely new people into my life. Like you!
I'm looking forward to more visits to Storybook Woods!


Ditto what Judy said! :) You will do fine--you are so creative and this upcoming year may become a great time to totally release that creativity even more than you already do! Happy New Year to *you*! Blessings, Debra


I'm excited too, to see what the new year brings. No doubt there will be opportunities to grow. Life is ever changing there is no way we can stop it, so we just have to learn to flow with it. I'm expecting it to be a wonderful year because each year I learn more about being content and enjoying the life I've been given. We are so blessed that the girls are on the right track and such lovely people. They are blessed to have wise parents. Love, Mom


May God guide you and light your path this year.


Lindsey @ enjoythejourney

Here's a toast to a great new year for all of us! :)

god bless you Clarice!


We do love the same things in lavender tea,pink,and fairy houses!!
Wishing you and your family all the best in 2007!
It is nice to have met within this blog community!



You will thrive in your new year, of that I am sure!


Happy New Year Mom! Love Auberne'. =] xoxoxoxo

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