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I have been busy, busy. But I am almost done decorating :-)

I wanted to share my front door and entry-way. It is hard to tell form the picture but I found silver glittered leaves that I randomly set in the boxwood topiary. I am really happy with the look.




My color theme this year is black, white and red. I wanted to go with very different colors in the entry room. I picked soft pastels and a used all my birds nests I keep in that room. This tree turned out so cute. I set in birds nests, feathers and small birds I glittered. I set this paper garland all around the room in the windows.


I set snowman on the other side of the room mostly for the softer colors. I did not want to put something big on the door because I did not want it to distract from the tree on the side.


Well I am off to decorate more. I will show more soon.


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Oh, birds! I love them with their nests.


Clarice, I love your home! Your decorating looks so pretty~I especially love the 'bird' tree with the starfish on top! And the door with the ornament looks perfect.


Your home looks so lovely decorated with all its Christmas finery! The tree, snowmen and garlands are just so pretty!
Blessings to you and yours


You did it again! What a beautiful decorating theme you have going...your photos look like they could be in England, or out of a british magazine! You are clever and creative...love the birdhouse theme!


I just love your decorating ideas. The starfish on top of the tree is perfect! Love your blog and will be back often. Please visit me when you can...I just love getting to know so many amazing women via this vehicle. Such inspiration!

Enjoy your decorating!

Stay well...

Fondest regards,


Birds, nests and snowmen - three of my favourite things! I love the paper garland around the windows. Beautiful pictures.


Your bird themed tree is beautiful! I love the glitter on the birds!


Are those NOEL candles retro?
What a great idea for using the starfish as a STAR!
Your home looks warm and cozy, and filled with lots of love....


I love your little birdie tree and your snowmen are delightful too....not to mention the beautiful cutout paper garland in your window...so homey


Oh Clarice ~ it's all so wonderful!


Looking good, love the birds on the tree.


I love your birdnest/bird tree. It's just perfect. Everything is so pretty and inviting.


Everything looks very pretty. I especially like the ornament on the door. Simple and elegant.


The tree looks really cute. I like the star. Mom


What fun! I love the boxwood topiary. You always have such good ideas. Looking forward to more soon!


Oh Clarice.... It looks like you've been having such fun decorating...thanks for sharing with us! I loved everything, especially the snowmen, but really, it's all wonderful, cozy and sweet! Blessings, Debra

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