Christmas Crazyness
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I have to share Aubern'es disco tree. It is soo hard to take pictures of Christmas trees, so you can not see all the details. So I will share. Aubern'e made a big disco ball (with foil) for the top of her tree. There is mini disco balls, foil drop ornaments, guitar picks, drum sticks and mini guitars Aubern'e made with fimo. Very cool Miss Aubern'e xoxox


Well I am almost done decorating, which is good because I am having a Christmas party at my house tomorrow night : -{ I had to laugh between me and the girls in our house we have one 9 foot real tree and 5 miniature trees. But I want to share my bathroom. I know you would rather see that :-)   (I will show the rest of my house after the party and my coma) I had told you last year we had also done a Victorian theme and we made Christmas cones. Here is mine on you bathroom door. The garland over the bathroom mirror I love so much I keep it up year around. I almost never turn on the real lights.


I today threw this garland over the window and LOVE it. I tell you tinsel is the cheapest,(50cents) funnest, glittery, add wow a your room stuff. Every one should have some tinsel in their home, somewhere !!



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Tell Auberne her disco tree looks great! I am enjoying seeing all your holiday decorating Clarice, and have realized I need to get some tinsel.
Good luck with the party!


Auberne's tree is cute! She's just as creative as her mama!

Nice holiday touches Clarice.



You are too funny!
Love all the holiday stuff. Hope you have fun hosting your party.
I agree, tinsel is great!
Tell Aubern her tree is grand disco tree.
I absolutely love the bathroom mirror.

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