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I survived the weekend and made the best Apple Cream Crumb pie. I will post recipes later. Also I received yummy mail that I will post. The lovely thing about guests (besides being with wonderful people) is enjoying a nice clean home. There is nothing like guest to get me to clean my house.

Well you ladies have a lot of questions lately so I am here to answer them xoxox


Mrs Staggs asked

“I am wondering are they marked with the name of the pattern? “ The cherry sugar bowl and creamer.

Well sadly there is no name if the print on it. This is all it says Rosen thale Bavaria and the number 56.

Little Jenny Wren asked if I would share some of my books. Well I have a lot but I will share a them now and then . Here are a few favorites.

"More Really-So Stories" by Elizabeth Gordon. I LOVE any book by Elizabeth Gordon. If I can get my hands on a copy of a book by her I will. This book is short stories about different bits of history with the most amazing illustrations. It is not on-line but here is "Four Footed Folk"

"Flowers and Their friends" by Marget W Morley. Now I have lots of nature books in story form and even though the title sounds like this would be one of them it is a bit more factual. But I still love this book. Here is "Wasps and Their Ways"

"Among The Pond People" by Clara D Pierson. This does sound like it is a bit of a sci-fi movie {- ). It is actully a very charming book about nature (told in story form, ofcourse). Plus you are lucky it is on-line

There is also "Among the Forest People""Among the Night People" , "Among the Medow People"

Dianatha asked what we are having for Thanksgiving.

Well I am still planning. Dear hubby will deep-fry the turkey. Mostly because then I do not have to deal with the turkey (I hate turkey but everyone else loves it). This is what I am thinking of at this point (but it could change any minute, with my whims). Rye bread stuffing with maple sausage, toasted pecans and dries apricots (the tangy kind of apricots), cranberries cooked in port, Chloe wants mashed potatoes and gravy. Okay here some honesty, I can not make good gravy and Central Market make good gravy (not great but good) so I load up on their gravy !! Pumpkin cheesecake and Aubern'e wants to make pecan pie. Basically my mom and sis do the veggies. Although I have to have fresh chestnuts at Thanksgiving, so I am trying to work them in. Maybe green beans with chestnuts. But I am still contemplating it. What are you make Dianatha ???

Gill asked how I put up the paper background in my china cabinet.

All I did was tape the paper together and tape it to the back of the cabinet. You can read about it here

Jody asked about the paint color in the library.

Well I can not find it so far. I know it is Bemjerman Moore. I think it is HC-41 but as soon as I find it I will post it.


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How you live your life your children are sure to draw inspiration.
Your gifts are lovely and the books just so precious.I love collecting old books!!
p.s.The apple cake sounds yummy;I'll be back for the recipe.

Annabelle =^..^= xo


Your books look wonderful! I'm hoping our library has some of the ones you have shared. I'm really looking foward to your apple recipe, it sounds delicious!


I love your books. I collect children's books. I have really enjoyed visiting your weblog, and looking around your house.


Thanks for sharing your books.There is plenty there for me to enjoy.

Sharon Kay

Very good blog and I love the pictures of your home. Just beautiful...visit some time at September Morn...
Sharon Kay


Thanks for taking the time to get back to me!

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