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Hello Ladies, I am a bit behind things this week. Thank you for the kind word's to Aubern'e. It made her smile !

I will post about my trip but for now here is the menu of the week. You know how we have all these small traditions that make up of life. Well one of them for me is Susan Branch Autumn and Christmas book. I always pick a perfect day were I can linger and be left alone. I make sure I have something yummy and a cup of tea in one of my pretty vintage tea cups (that goes with the season of course). It is like when you see an old friend you have not for a long time and you pick up right were you left off. This book are a treat to me and I make sure I enjoy every minute. Although the be real here, I have been stressed lately and picked a day this year that was not the best. But I was feeling I needed a little lift. If I was rich I would make sure everyone owned a copy. I am sure the world would be a much better place. If by some chance you have not seen Susan’s books please run to the library and check them out. Here is a yummy fall dinner of Apples, Sweet Potatoes Pork Chops, Zucchini Cornbread and Hot Chocolate for dessert. I like this cornbread because it is a great way to hide zucchini. If you have a picky family, peel the outside (green part) off and then they will never even know it is there. My girls love hot coco and drink a lot and I appreciate having homemade coca mix. I know it is fresher, healthier and cheaper !!




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Hi Clarice, What a lovely Susan Branch book. I'm going to have to go to my local Barnes and Noble to find it...thanks for sharing it!


I LOVE Susan Branch! I've never seen her Autumn book but will look for it next time I'm at the bookstore!

Mary T.

I have the summer book, it spent the summer on my buffet in the dining room. I'm off to visit, Angela, today.


I LOVE her!

I really haven't used many of the recipes, but I can drift away for hours on her charming watercolor drawings. I love her use of quotes, she was the first to introduce me to Gladys Taber.



I love Susan Branch's work!
What a creative soul she is.
That recipe looks yummy!
Thanks for sharing.


I am a Susan Branch fan too. I've had my "Autumn from the Heart of the Home" book on it's proper cookbook stand in the kitchen for a couple of weeks and I love picking it up and finding a yummy recipe to make or just reading the book and getting some nice ideas.

Actually, I think you, Clarice, were the one to recommend SB to me. Thanks and a squinch to you!

Susan P.

Another Susan Branch fan! I have used her calendars for years. I didn't know about the cookbooks, now I'm excited because I can look forward to getting it at the library tomorrow. We are having a Nor Easter over the weekend so it will be the perfect time to "cozy in" with her book and a cup of cocoa:)BTW, I hope you are feeling better.

Bonnie Rose

she's one of my fave authors.. I visited her store this past may in ARROYO GRANDE in cali.. it was awesome!

OR Tina

SB's a favorite here too! As a matter of fact, I have her "Vineyard Seasons" cookbook checked out from the library right now and have been drooling over it page by page! As always, Clarice, just love the things you share here. You do such a nice job with your blog!


Susan Branch is a favourite here as well! And, I have my book on display to celebrate the Harvest Season! I have also experimented with her recipes and had success!
Love her!

Debi D

Don't you lover Susan Branch cookbooks....one of my favorites too...and something I do around the Christmas season every year....linger over her cookbook.

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