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Rosemary and Thyme

OHh I have another movie recommendation, which thrills me because I rarely find movies I like. I got it from Netflix. It is Rosemary and Thyme. It is about to women starting there own garden business and solve mysteries at the same time. It is a who-done-it set in England beautiful garden. It is amazingly beautiful, plus very funny. It reminds me of the tea mystery books I love to read. Except it is gardening. I have only watched the first 2 episodes but love it and nothing objectionable. Which is lovely.
"Meet Rosemary Boxer and Laura Thyme, two women who battled back from personal setbacks to make a fresh start in life by starting their own gardening business. However mystery is never far away and Rosemary & Laura’s inquisitive nature never let them rest until they have found the solution. Welcome to the world of Rosemary & Thyme. "


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My eldest daughters adore Rosemary and Thyme they beg to stay up and watch it!

Miss Eagle

My daughter and I love Rosemary and Thyme. We have watched the lot - over and over. We love our crime - but with beautiful surroundings and nicely sanitized. Like that very crimeridden place of Midsomer and, of course, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.


I watch this all the time, it is actually one of my favourite series...


This is one of my favorite shows. I just watched it tonight in fact here on TVO.
You have a lovely blog :)

Maggie Ann

That does sound good. Its hard to find wholesome things to view..I'll have to look for this.



I love Rosemary and Thyme and watch it all the time. Here in Toronto they show one episode per week on t.v.

It's a wonderful program and I'm glad you found it!


Thank you Clarice, I am beginning to rely on you for movie recommendations. I always like those you suggest!


I'm going to add this to my netflix queue too. It looks like a fun little series! Oh, I'm also waiting for "All Passion Spent." I have a $5.00 Blockbuster gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket but I will wait patiently for netflix. :0)



I'm going to add this to my netflix queue. I pretty much kill anything I plant but I still keep on trudging and replanting and hoping for greener thumbs in the future.

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