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how to roast a chicken

Hello I wanted to share about how I roast a chicken. We are on a tight food budget and we eat a lot of chicken. I do not like to boiled chicken, I hate all that grease. So I always roast mine. I have gone around and around on what to cook my chicken on. I have had had several different racks at fell apart over time. Or got so greasy and gross I did not want to touch them. I have looked at vertical ones. I have tried a can of beer, which is not bad but can tip over. That was not fun ! And was never happy, till I came up with this idea.
I like it because it hold the chicken up off the grease, the chicken gets nice and crispy and it flavors it. I line my pan with foil. I cut an onion (with the skin on) into 4 wedges and do the same with an apple. I set them all together on the foil. Now I am lucky enough to have a big rosemary bush, so I lay a large sprig across the apple/onions and put some in the cavity of the chicken. I rub the chicken with a little oil, salt and pepper and set him on the rosemary. He does look a bit undignified sitting up there but it works brilliantly. Plus when you are done you just pick up the foil and throw the whole thing away. I wait to the next morning till the fat is hard, but that is my favorite part!! I like my chicken really well cooked. So I cook at 350 for 2 1/2 hours. But this may be way too long for most people. I do know that one should tress up a chicken. But again I personly do not like that, becuase I want as much of the chicken as possible to get crispy. If I really want to do my chicken right, I brine it first. I take my kitchen aid mixer bowl (it is taller then wider) and put one cup salt, one cup sugar and 2 cups hot water. I stir till mostly melted. Then I add chicken and cold water till the chicken is covered and brine at lest 8 hours in the fridge. Lemon is also lovely. I will squeeze the juice over the chicken and put the juiced lemon to the cavity. I hope this works well for you, as it does for me.


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I have to try this....with my diet changing so dramatically after having the ELISA/ACT food sensitivity test done (per Dr. Neal Barnard's book: Foods that Fight Pain)...and seeing Food, Inc.--King Korn---and Seeds of Deceptions --much much is changing in our household..thanks for this tip, Clarice...I have also roasted a chicken in the crockpot..i make foil balls and sit it on that..and like you I like chicken cooked WELL done....my roasted crock pot chicken came out pretty good...
Will pray that your GOOD health will return...

Miss Eagle

I love this idea and I will try it to. As well, I am gong to do a post on Food from Oz with a link to your post. I think it is fascinating and creative


YUM! Now that's the way to roast a chicken! Save me a thigh!


What a good and tasty solution. I am definitely going to try this. My family loves chicken, in fact we raise our own meat birds.
Thank you!


I tried it and it worked well. So easy. Mom

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