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For my sisters birthday I made her a little cleaning kit. I embroidered a Rooster dish towel.  I found a wonderful apron with chickens on it, and I made her homemade cleaners. I love to give gifts that have a theme. I sadly I did not have time, but I was hoping to wrap the gift in chicken wire. I love making my own cleaners. They are easy, cheap and fun. I can not handle most cleaners. They are to strong and set off my allergies. I also like to make my own, so I can play with the fragrance. I use orange, lemon, lavender, rose, rosemary. I did lemon verbena for my sister, it is her favorite. I encourage you to make you own cleaners. They are very quick to make and are good for our lovely world to boot.

All Purpose Spray
In a spray bottle add 2 drops dish soup, 1/8 cup vinegar, 8-10 drops of essential oil, and fill with distilled water. If you use up your cleaners fast (like a couple of weeks) you can use tap water. Shake and spray away.
Surface Scrub
I take a pretty jar and make layer of baking soda and a couple of drops of essential oil. I keep layer till I near the top. Then I put the lid on and shake it up. Use a couple of TBS. to scrub skinks, heavy duty grim, ect.
Picture above from art.com


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Dearest Clarice,

I love this and it all looks so pretty. I think this will be great for Christmas gifts, too.


Lovely birthday gift idea for your sister. Your gifts have a lovely finished look also with the great labels.


Hello Tracy, that is a good idea. I will check it out. There is soo much there and one place you can still find Victorian items. Thank you Clarice


Hmm, I guess you'll have to copy & paste the link into your browser to go to it. Hope this helps!


Clarice, Victorian Trading Co. has some very nice self-stick labels. Here is the link to them:

Susan L

Oh, Clarice, I would *love* to find labels like yours for my homemade cleaner containers! They're so cool! I wish, I wish you could remember where you got them. I'll look for Jody's at the store. Does anyone else know where to get really great labels for jars and bottles?



Clarice, I found darling old-timey canning jar labels at my local dept. store. They aren't as pretty as yours, but very cute! Only $2.75 for 24 in a package. Watch for them in the canning section of your store.


How lovely!! You are so talented!


Clarice, I raise chickens and so I am loving your sister's birthday gift with the chicken theme. Good thinking! I'm going to have to go looking for a chicken or rooster print for yet another apron!

The household cleaners are wonderful. I am going to try the all-purpose spray (I've been spraying clorox water and the bottle sprayer thingy gets ruined). I've made the scrub, but I also add a drop or two of dish soap along with the essential oils as you layer it and then mix it up.

My roto-tiller is broken down, so I'm here visiting instead!


Hi Clarice,
I can't tolerate most commercial cleansers either, so I try to make my own. Thank you for the recipes; I am looking forward to picking up some more essential oils.
And yes...did you make your own labels?--they look so nice! I have been trying to come up with something to use on my spray bottle of lavender linen water.


Hello Tracy, I have had those stickers long time and do not even remember were I got them. Sorry :-(


Hi Clarice, I love the homemade cleansers you made. Where did you get the lovely labels?

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