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Wildflowers and weeds

Travlers joy copy 
I am very into children's books especially old ones. I find them much more enjoyable then most adult books. I have so many books. I set them aside and sooner or later we come across them. It is like shopping in my own home. I have a bedroom I have turned into an English library (I will post pictures one day). Well our latest find is "Travelers Joys by Beshlie"
Travelers joy2 
This lovely picture book is all about names of weeds by the wayside. Even though it was written in England we have a lot of these wildflowers and weeds here in Washington. Each page has a lovely drawing of a flower and then a little summary and antidote about the flower. Even the different country names. It is quite charming and engaging. Chloe is having so much fun hearing about the different names and now wants to rename all our plants. Our favorite out of the book is kitty-come-down-the-lane-jump-up-and-kiss-me.
We also love to color. There is a wonderful site that has wild flower coloring pages  . We are going to find the flowers in the book to color.


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Austine Martin

Hi Clarice,

Your site is totally charming. I'm the publicist for West Hills Books, which represents Obren Bokich (note "o" in last name), the author of A Christmas Card For Mr. McFizz. If you provide an email address I'll send you a scan of the cover. I also have a few scans from inside the book if you'd like.

All the best,
~ Austine Martin


Hi Clarice, first time I've been to your blog and I thank Jody for telling me about it. This book is absolutely lovely. I too enjoy childrens books. The older ones however seem so much more to me then some of the new ones I see, but when at a book store I am still drawn into that childrens world of books for a peak and I ususally have to buy at least one for our dear Emma for when they stop over. I want her to grow up as and remember Auntie Carolyn always gave me books LOL. I was happy to also read that you are home schooling your children. That's a large committment and I admire people who can do it well. I want to thank you also for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. This weekend is a busy one for us, have plans with some dear friends so thought I'd just extend a quick thanks to you here now, while I am writing at your lovely blog. Keep writing lots here to be enjoyed.


What a lovely, lovely find, Clarice!
You are doing a terrific job with your photography!
Keep up the beautiful work!

Mrs. Staggs

This looks like a beautiful book Clarice...the illustrations are so pretty....that looks like Ulla's Gypsy caravan on the cover! What year was it published do you know?

Mrs. Clarice Fox-Hughes

Wow, mom what a brillant idea. Thank you !!


Some of these would be good for needlework projects. They might have to be reduced in size. I printed up one.Mom

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